Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I buy direct from authors?

When you buy direct from indie authors, we get a much higher percentage of the earnings, and we get it faster. Waiting 90 days for that KU payout can make it tricky to pay my lovely editors and cover designers, plus Flodesk and Shopify…you get the drift. This is why I'm not all-in on Kindle Unlimited - plus, I love my Kobo, Apple, and Google Play readers! You can find most of my books on all platforms, including Kobo.

Is shopping on your website safe?

Yes! I use Shopify, which is the internet's premier platform for small and large business websites. Your payment is secure, backed by Shopify's processing systems. I also use Bookfunnel to deliver your books, which offers excellent customer service if you have trouble accessing your digital download. Contact them at using the email you made your purchase with. They have a whole team to help you get your book.

Why do I have to provide my phone number at checkout?

It's a purchase protection thing. I'm not going to start calling you, promise. I'm basically allergic to phone calls, even from my mom. And I love my mom.

How do I get my books onto my device?

Bookfunnel will send you detailed instructions via email as soon as you complete your purchase. Usually it's just a matter of choosing your device type, clicking on "send to device," and away you go! If you have any trouble, contact

What the heck is Bookfunnel?

Bookfunnel is the service I use to deliver your books electronically the instant you complete your purchase. You can log in with the email you used to purchase and see all your books. They also have a handy app for reading on your phone.

What if I'm dissatisfied with the book?

Digital media is a consumable item. You can return a purchase within 7 days if a book simply isn't working for you. Repeat returns will not be permitted. (This is a more generous return policy than Amazon or The Mouse provide for digital media you rent to stream, which is basically no returns, ever.)

Do you take PayPal?

Unfortunately, PayPal's high fees make it cost-prohibitive for me to accept at this time.

What is your privacy policy?

I have a whole page about it! Tl;dr - I don't sell my customer contact list. Ever. Your information is safe.