RWA Two-Minute Tip Resources

In my short video for RWA, I listed four potential platforms for an author to use when getting started. All are pretty user-friendly, except WordPress, which is a beast because it’s so powerful.

Weebly – Super simple, drag-and-drop interface lets authors build either an online store or a professional website. You can get started for free by creating an account. For $5 a month, you get a domain, with steps up for pricing. It’s quite reasonably priced.

Wix – I really like Wix’s bright visual style and ease of use. It’s a full-service e-commerce solution. Build a store, get a mailbox, and connect your newsletter to manage your business. A solution that can grow with your author business.

WordPress – The original blogging software that can power enterprise-wide content solutions. WordPress offers a truly custom solution. It’s also more expensive than Wix or Weebly. People who are techy will like WordPress – but they also probably aren’t looking here for advice. WordPress has been around for a long time, and will be a reliable solution for authors.

Squarespace– Similar to Wix in terms of beautiful layouts and easy setup, with more customizable options. You can also integrate it with Square, which is a separate company that offers payroll and payment processing for small businesses. If you’re looking at hand-selling books via conferences & signings, you might like this option.

Ultimately, all are good platforms to consider for new authors. Try them out, and choose the one you like best. There’s no bad choice.