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Twelve Nights Digital Edition Box Set - eBook

Twelve Nights Digital Edition Box Set - eBook

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The Twelve Nights Box Set is a digital download containing both stories.

Twelve Nights of Scandal (Volume One)

A Christmas Conspiracy
Mr. Finlay Weston braves deep snowfall to attend a tedious Christmas party in the countryside for one reason—he intends to take a wife. Miss Stanton is the obvious choice. Her father's property neighbors his estate. He has already sought her father's permission. Yet it is her cousin, Miss Amity Mayweather, who compels him. Her a sharp quips cause scenes night after night. Could the women be conspiring to prevent Finn from proposing?

A New Year's Wish
Amity doesn't resent her cousin for living in her childhood home. It's not Holly's fault that her father and brother died in a carriage accident, leaving Amity, her mother and sisters to eke out an existence in genteel poverty. Vivacious Holly wants nothing to do with Mr. Weston and his looming betrothal. Of course, Amity will help Holly avoid his proposal for a fortnight. But Amity is unprepared for the wholly inappropriate longing Finn stirs in her…

Dreams Do Come True
When Holly abruptly changes course, Amity must decide whether to claim the unexpected love blossoming between her and her brother's best friend—or to step aside and preserve her closeness with Holly. Finn won't be cajoled into proposing to the wrong woman. He'll have Amity—no matter what his choice costs him.

This is a brother's best friend, love triangle Regency romance novella. Always a happy ever after and no cliffhangers!

Twelve Nights of Ruin (Volume Two) 

One chance to redeem her reputation
Holly Mayweather bet on the wrong beau - and scuffed her glittering reputation as one of London's wittiest sophisticates. To save herself from ruin, she accepts betrothal to a soldier she's never met.

One unexpected bride
Reynard Sharp's battle scars run deep. He has resigned himself to a loveless marriage. But one look at his new bride leaves the stoic soldier's heart pounding…and their first kiss sends him reeling.

One Christmas to come together
They delay their nuptials in a bid to find common ground. Can Holly let down her defenses long enough to get Rey to trust that there is more to her than glib remarks and a pretty face? Or will he let his need for control and discipline sabotage their chance for happiness?

This is an opposites attract, arranged marriage Regency romance novella. Always a happy ever after and no cliffhangers! 

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