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Radiant Horizons: A Fallen Realm Prequel eBook - Digital Download

Radiant Horizons: A Fallen Realm Prequel eBook - Digital Download

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Begin your journey into the Fallen Realm

The Fallen Realm series is an epic enemies-to-lovers new adult fantasy romance trilogy about a rebellious princess, her possessive knight, and the fate of their country in the balance.

This contemporary fantasy series has Wakanda vibes, found family and a princess/knight forbidden romance. If you enjoy slow burn, enemies-to-lovers romance with high-stakes and a happy ending, you'll love the Fallen Realm collection.

You'll receive a series prequel about the founding of the country set in mythological Greece and Egypt when you purchase the complete collection.

  • One life to live. To love. Or die trying.

    As the last of her line, Princess Zosia's life has been under threat since her birth. She jumps at a chance at freedom as a student at a foreign university - only to discover that it comes with conditions. Her wings are clipped by the constant presence of her assigned knight. At first, she despises him, but when he saves her from a violent attack Zosia sees Lorcan in a new light. But what does he want from her?

    Falling Princess is the first book in an angsty 1st person POV trilogy. Ends on a cliffhanger. HEA in Queen Rising.

    Get Falling Princess 
  • He saved her kingdom and betrayed her heart.

    A tragic accident leaves Lorcan in a coma. When he awakens, Zosia has gone missing. No one knows where the last royal descendant has gone. In her absence. Raina struggles to mount a resistance movement until Lorcan and Tovian join forces to attack the invading forces.

    But fighting enemies is easier than confronting his personal demons...

    Eternal Knight is the second book in an angsty 1st person POV trilogy. It starts with Lorcan's perspective. Ends on a cliffhanger. HEA in Queen Rising.

    Get Eternal Knight 
  • A life worth living. A love worth fighting for.

    In the final book of the trilogy, Zosia and Lorcan are forced to fake their engagement until she can be coronated. He has just a few months to repair the damage he's wrought, and Zosia is in no mood for forgiveness.

    Lorcan, however, has fought harder battles. He won't give up on winning her back. Does he want the woman, or the crown?

    Queen Rising is the first book in an angsty 1st person POV trilogy. Ends with a happy ever after.

    Get Queen Rising 
  • A country's fate hangs in the balance. One woman's fight to save it - and herself.

    With Zosia missing and Lorcan in a coma, Raina steps up to try and hold the line against invasion with the aid of a mysterious stranger. Set at the same time as Eternal Knight, Crimson Throne tells the story of the war and Lorcan's recovery from a different perspective.

    Crimson Throne is a standalone sequel to the Fallen Realm trilogy. It's less angsty, but still 1st person POV. Ends with a HEA.

    Get Crimson Throne 
  • A journey through time. A destiny discovered.

    Three thousand years before the events of the Fallen Realm trilogy, an infant girl is found in the forest near the Adriatic Sea. As she grows into a young woman, her beauty makes her a target - but it's her spellbinding magic that kings covet. Kyrie runs away with her on-and-off-again lover, Astra, but even her ferocious friend is no match for a king's guard. When the goddess is taken captive, the prince abandons his kingdom to follow Kyrie as she searches for safety for her people. A website exclusive.

    Get Radiant Horizons 
  • Get the Fallen Realm collection and save

    You'll get all 5 books in the Fallen Realm collection in one convenient collection when you purchase the bundle.

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