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Queen Rising (Fallen Realm Book 3)

Queen Rising (Fallen Realm Book 3)

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He saved her kingdom...and betrayed her heart.


The only thing I remember from before the war is that Zosia hated me on sight - and the feeling was mutual.

Keeping her alive was the price I had to pay to restore honor to my father’s name.

Yet everyone tells me we were more than adversaries. I don’t believe them, but the harder I fight to win this war, the more she haunts me.

I once promised the princess that as long as I remained alive, I would come for her. But I broke that vow…and now it might be too late.


I'm free after spending more than a year alone with a madman, but the country I’m meant to lead lies in ruins. Dreams of a life with Lorcan, which sustained me through my captivity, are dead.

There was only ever one path for me: an arranged marriage. This time, I’m the one to strike the bargain.

But when Lorcan admits, after weeks of ferocious silence, that he remembers me, I throw caution to the wind. If there’s any chance at happiness with him, I’ll pay any price. We've both been through so much.

It’s only when I’ve walked away from the best chance of rebuilding my country that I discover the true depth of his betrayal…

This is the second book in a trilogy which should be read in order. Start with Falling Princess. Eternal Knight ends on a cliffhanger; Queen Rising, the third book ends with a Happy Ever After. Contains violence and mature themes.

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