If you enjoy Lisa Kleypas, Eloisa James, Sarah MacLean, Sabrina Jeffries or Elizabeth Hoyt, you’ll love the Lords of London regency series!

The Wild Lord

The Wild Lord Cover

Given up for dead, Edward Northcote, heir to the earl of Briarcliff, has been dragged home and displayed before all London in a cage. The heir is mad, they say. No one can reach him…but one woman will try.

Eccentric Harper Forsythe, apprenticed to England’s foremost asylum director, has nothing to lose. Only her reputation. Her profession. Her heart.

But the brother Edward displaced won’t allow him to claim his birthright without a fight…

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Say You’re Mine

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She’s never forgotten her first love.

A scholarship to an elite college was supposed to be Olivia Davidson’s ticket to success—one she never had a chance to cash. But she’s found her own path, first through the military, now as an entrepreneur. She can attend her class’s fifteen-year anniversary with her head high. Because there’s one person with whom she has unfinished business…

She’s the one desire he’s ever been denied.

Ronan Banes thought he could be more than a replica of his bank executive father. Olivia sparked him to want more out of life. But the moment they met, she was out of reach. Now, Ronan has Olivia—and her company—in his sights. It’s only a matter of time before he has Olivia where he wants her. In his bed. By his side. His, in every way. But his past mistakes could cost them both.

They’re not going down without a fight.

When Olivia refuses to sell, Ronan is prepared to engineer a hostile takeover. It’ll take more than shared memories to keep them together—and more than a boardroom battle to keep them apart.

Say ‘I Do’ Bonus Novella

Three weddings and a secret. An audience of millions.

Companion story to the first two books in the Say You Will series.

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SID Teal FINALlMany readers have said they wished there was more to Alyssa and Marc’s story. What happens after they sail off on their grand adventure? 

Aren’t there days when we’d all like to chuck it an go sailing around the world on an all-expenses-paid extended vacation?

This bridge novella ties up the threads of the first two books in the Say You Will series, and sets up the opening for Olivia’s book coming out this fall.

Expect chaos. And fun. And those little umbrellas that go in your cocktail too.

Say You Need Me

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Janelle final cover She’s hit rock bottom…in Las Vegas.

Janelle Carlisle thought signing up to be a sugar baby would be a great way to pay down her student loans and prove she’s finally over her ex—two birds, one stone. Until it all goes cockeyed. Now she’s sharing an undersized hotel room with one drool-worthy, ex-Army, IT security consultant, until she can get her ass onto a plane back to Florida. She’s in no rush, though, if it means accomplishing at least one of her goals…

He’s worth the gamble.
Despite her smart mouth and stupid plan, Trent Mason can tell that Janelle’s a good girl. She’s told him so. Repeatedly. But she’s not very convincing, coming onto him with a boldness he’d have expected from his last girlfriend, an adult film star. Trent’s determined to hide his past as a pro poker player and accidental porn actor, but he’ll tell Janelle the truth if it means scaring her off.

It doesn’t. He’s not sorry about what happens next. Mostly.

Win big or go home.
Trent has no intention of getting involved. Janelle’s not going away. Her new career puts them on a collision course with Trent’s past. He once gambled and lost everything—no way is he going all in on Janelle. Someone’s going to lose big—unless they can hit the jackpot together.

Say You’ll Stay

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A broken engagement.

Alyssa Carlisle arrives at her parent’s house in Florida nursing an unexpected heartbreak. She jumps at the chance for a no-strings-attached fling with the neighbors’ ridiculously sexy college-dropout-turned-real-estate-investor son. Marc’s hot—and every woman in Florida knows it. Half of them firsthand. Alyssa’s not immune; she just knows better than to expect anything beyond a hook-up. Once she set her sights on New York, she never looked back. Maybe once or twice, just to get a better glimpse of Marc’s butt. No harm in looking…

An ill-advised fling.

Marc’s wanted his aloof, ambitious neighbor for years, but she’s been thousands of miles away chasing her dream. He almost gave up the fantasy when she brought home a rich fiancé. Now their engagement’s off, and Marc’s not about to pass up his chance. But how can he convince her to take him seriously—when Alyssa’s on the rebound and leaving in a week?

A reality-TV-inspired dating contest.

An unexpected visit from Alyssa’s ex gives Marc the opportunity he needs—if he doesn’t mess it up. But Marc has a dream, too, one he’s worked toward for years. One of them will have to give. Blindsided by unexpected feelings, Marc and Alyssa fight for a future neither could have imagined.

Standalone steamy contemporary romances with a happy ending. Mature audiences/18+. First in the Say You Will series.

The Cocky Cockers: A Romance Anthology

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What do you get when you cross cocky heroes and heroines with Cocker Spaniels? Why, Cocky Cockers, of course.

All twenty-seven stories in this anthology feature a Cocker Spaniel and a happily-ever-after (or happy-for-now) ending. How they get there? Well, that’s all the fun!

Warning: The stories in this anthology run the gamut from G to NC-17 ratings and include examples of nearly every subgenre–including contemporary, historical, paranormal, and steampunk–as well as m/f, m/m, and f/f pairings.

Proceeds from this anthology will first be used to defray any legal costs associated with its publication, and secondarily donated to the Romance Writers of America’s Perseverance Fund.